SLA Violation Review

Access to SLA Violation Review

  1. Click on 'Violation Reviews' in the navigation menu (Figure 1).

  2. After clicking on the Violation Reviews Link, the Violation Reviews dashboard appears (Figure 2).

Review Violations

  1. To view the Violations for a Product click on the Review Violations button` in the grid (Figure 3)

  2. The Review Violations modal shows the Violations for the Product as well as the SLA Definition the Violation is associated with (Figure 4).

  3. Use the button on each Violation record to mark the Violation as reviewed.

Export to Spreadsheet

  1. To export the table to a spreadsheet, identify the button next to the detail button (Figure 5).

  2. After pressing the button, a CSV file will be downloaded.

Issue a Refund

  1. To Issue a Refund, click on the "Issue Refund" button at the top right of the screen (Figure 6).

  2. After pressing the "Issue Refund" button, a form appears with all the necessary details for a refund (Figure 7).

  3. Fill in the necessary inputs. All options are required.

  4. Click on "Save" and the refund will be issued.

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