Product Details Button

The Product Details Component is designed to display a button that leads to a URL that is configured in the Revenium product configuration. Although the URL can lead the user anywhere, one of the most common use cases for this button is to send a user to a marketing page containing more information about a product.

Similar functionality is built into the Drop-In Storefront component, which is our recommended solution for API commerce. This solution may be useful on its own in specialized use cases, but in general, the Drop-In Storefront is recommended.

1. Component Properties

Look at the component blueprint in the Figure 1 to identify how the properties are displayed in the Product Details button. Use the following properties to customize the component display:

  1. Product. Lists the available Products, select one to use its link in the Product Details button.

  2. Button Variant. Controls the button style, based on the Lightning Design System directives.

  3. Button Label. Label shown in the button.

  4. Button Align. Controls the button alignment.

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