Configuring the Revenium Envoy filter for use in Istio Service Mesh environments

Register the Metering Beacon

kubectl apply -f revenium-metering-external-service.yaml

The Revenium Istio Plugin files can be obtained from your Revenium Account Team.

Determine the Egress Envoy Cluster Name for the Metering Beacon

This is a bit tricky as we need the name of the Envoy cluster to send traffic upstream from Envoy. General syntax is something like this:

proxy-config cluster <POD_NAME> -o json | awk '/outbound/ && /<METERING URL>/' | awk '{print $2}' | | sed -E -e 's/\"|\,//g'


proxy-config cluster echo-v1-5599868c75-2mdn7 -o json | awk '/outbound/ && /foo/' | awk '{print $2}' | sed -E -e 's/\"|\,//g'

Configure the Envoy Filter

Open revenium-envoy-filter.yaml and edit the following:

  • revenium_api_id

  • revenium_envoy_cluster_name

Then apply the configuration:

kubectl apply -f profitstream-envoy-filter.yaml

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