Kubernetes Installation

The page documents how to install the Revenium Kong Metering Plugin on a Kubernetes cluster.

The instructions on this page are based on Kong's helm custom plugin installation guide. The full documentation is available here: https://docs.konghq.com/kubernetes-ingress-controller/latest/guides/setting-up-custom-plugins/

Uncompress the Revenium Kong plugin and cd into the following directory:

cd src/kong/plugins/revenium

Create a configmap containing the plugin:

kubectl create configmap kong-plugin-revenium --from-file=reveniumPatch the ingress controller (per the Kong documentation):

Install Kong via Helm

helm install kong/kong --generate-name --set ingressController.installCRDs=false --values values.yaml

Edit plugin.yaml and change the following fields:

  • api: The Revenium Asset ID of the API being metering

  • hcUrl: The Metering Beacon URL

  • hcKey: The Metering Beacon API Key

Full details on configuring the Revenium Kong Plugin are available here: https://docs.revenium.io/integrations/kong/kubernetes-installation

apiVersion: configuration.konghq.com/v1
kind: KongPlugin
  name: revenium
  api: lkpkW3:7d877eb7-19df-4b4c-8500-2958a4b1c734
  hcUrl: https://api.hypercurrent.io/meter/v1/api/meter
  hcKey: hak_mykey
plugin: revenium

Apply plugin.yaml

kubectl apply -f k8s/plugin.yaml

Apply the plugin the appropriate Ingress Resource

kubectl apply -f k8s/ingress-resource.yaml

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