Data Sync

API management configurations (currently MuleSoft only) allow an API catalog to be sync'd with Revenium to avoid the need for manual data entry when creating an API asset & produc catalog in Revenium.

Configuring an API Management Data Sync

  1. Click on Data Providers in the navigation menu.

  2. Next, click on "Configure Data Sync" in the Data Providers Page (Figure 1)

  3. After clicking on the APIM Configurations link, the APIM Configurations dashboard appears.

  4. Depending on the type of gateway linked, you may see additional information such as the different environments in the gateway (Staging, Production, etc.), which appear in the "Sync'd Environments" tab.

Create APIM Configuration

  1. Click on the APIM Configuration create button, shown in Figure 1 on the bottom half of the page.

  2. After clicking on the create button, the APIM Configuration create form appears (Figure 2a, Figure 2b).

  3. The fields available on the "Properties" step are determined by the APIM Provider that was selected.

  4. Fill in the required inputs and click on Save to create a new APIM Configuration.

  5. After clicking on the Save button, the changes will be saved.

Note that in the case of MuleSoft connections, the following user permissions are required for the sync to work correctly:

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