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The "Historical Usage by User" report is for reviewing the historical usage of individual users or companies.

The "Historical Usage by User" report allows you to rapidly access and review the historical usage data for individual users or companies. It provides insights into the patterns of usage over time and can be especially valuable for sales and customer success teams when assessing an individual customer or organization's usage.

Understanding the Report

Once you've selected your filters, you'll find historical usage data for the selected user or company. Here's an overview of what you'll see:

  • Summary: The report is designed to quickly provide historical usage data for an individual user or company.

  • Usage Data: You will see usage data presented in a structured format, reflecting the selected grouping (e.g., days, weeks, or months).

This report is often used by sales or customer success teams for the following purposes:

  • Review Individual Usage: Assess and review the historical usage of a specific user or organization to understand their engagement with your services.

  • Support Decision-Making: Use insights from historical usage to make data-driven decisions in sales, customer success, and account management.

  • Optimize Engagement: Identify opportunities for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

By using this report, you can collaborate with sales, customer success, and account management teams to make data-driven decisions, utilizing informed insights to improve engagement and customer satisfaction.

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