Time to Value

The Time to Value report is designed to help you understand how quickly developers move from requesting a credential to utilizing that credential.

The Time to Value report is a powerful tool that allows you to measure and analyze the time it takes for developers to start using credentials after requesting them. This information is crucial for assessing the efficiency of your services and identifying areas where improvements might be needed.

Understanding the Report

Once you've accessed the report, you'll see various data points and metrics related to Time to Value:

  • Summary: This report is about understanding how quickly developers move from requesting a credential to utilizing it.

  • Details: Each "Time to Value" data point is reported in the month the application was created. The average time to value duration for each period is calculated based on the average duration between the time each application was created and the time when it was first used.

Understanding the business impact of this report is crucial. A properly documented service should have a very short delay between credential creation and use. High activation times can have negative consequences, such as delayed project timelines for developers. Analyzing this allows you to enhance overall service efficiency.

With this report you can ensure that developers can quickly start using their credentials, which leads to better project outcomes and developer satisfaction.

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