Last Four Months

Access to Product Requests: Last Four Months

  1. Click on 'Product Requests' (Figure 1).

  2. From the Product Requests sub-menu, there are four available reports.

    • Overview

    • Last Four Quarters

    • Last Four Months

    • Last Four Weeks

  3. Select Last Four Months from the Product Requests sub-menu (Figure 2).

Last Four Months

  1. To visualize Product Requests data for the past four months in a grid, identify the Product Requests grid Last Four Months report section (Figure 2).

  2. To visualize requests number by Product and Month, identify the Product Requests column chart in the Last Four Months report section (Figure 2).

  3. To see a Products details, move the mouse over a column. This action will display a tooltip, there you can see the Products and the number of requests (Figure 4).

  4. To export the charts, click on the export button (Figure 4).

  5. After clicking on the export button, the export options appears (Figure 5).

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