Product Adoption

The Product Adoption section in our application offers two essential reports to help you gauge the efficiency of your services and optimize user experiences.


  1. Time to Value Report

    • Summary: The "Time to Value report" measures how quickly developers move from requesting a credential to utilizing it.

    • Details: Each "Time to Value" data point is reported in the month the application was created. The report calculates the average time to value duration, which is the average time it takes for developers to start using their credentials after receiving them.

    • Business Impact: A properly documented service should have minimal delays between credential creation and usage. High activation times can lead to delayed project timelines for developers. This report enables you to enhance overall service efficiency, ensuring that developers can quickly put their credentials to use, leading to better project outcomes and increased developer satisfaction.

  2. Product Adoption Report

    • Summary: The API Product Adoption report provides insights into the percentage of application credentials granted that have been actively used for each API product.

    • Details: This report evaluates all applications created within the selected date range and calculates the adoption percentage by comparing the number of applications that have been used to those that have not.

    • Business Impact: Large numbers of granted credentials that have not been used indicate potential issues with your documentation and developer onboarding. This report allows you to assess the effectiveness of your API Product documentation, leading to improved product adoption and developer onboarding.

By using these reports, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance the efficiency of your services and improve user satisfaction.\

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