Revenium Users

This page allows you to manage the users who have access to Revenium and to create new user accounts as needed.

Access to the Users dashboard

  1. Click on 'Users' in the navigation menu (Figure 1).

  2. The users are organized by Organization. Organizations are also structured in a tree like format, with sub-organizations nested within their parent organizations

Toggle between tree or table view

  1. Users can be viewed in both a tree structure or as a table.

  2. Locate the toggle at the top right of the screen in the green box in Figure 1 and use it toggle between the views (the table view flattens all sub-organizations and displays them outside of their oraganizational folders)

Create a new User

  1. Click on the Users create button located in the upper right corner (green arrow in Figure 2).

  2. After clicking on the create button, the Users form appears (Figure 3)

  3. Fill the required inputs and click on Save to create a new User.

  4. After clicking on the Save button, the changes will be saved.

After clicking save, the newly created user will automatically be sent an email invitation to set a password and create an account. These invitations do expire after a period of time, so please ensure your new users set up their account shortly after receiving their invitations.

View / Edit / Delete Users

  1. Click on the view, edit, or delete button located in each row of the Users grid (shown in a green box in Figure 4 below) to perform the desired action.

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