Pricing Rules

The Pricing Rules page allows for complex pricing rules to be written in a low-code environment. This is generally only necessary for rare or complex pricing scenarios.

Access to Pricing Rules

  1. Click on 'Pricing Rules' in the navigation menu (Figure 1).

  2. After clicking on the Pricing Rules Link, the Pricing Rules dashboard appears (Figure 2).

Create a Pricing Rule

  1. Click on the create button located in the upper left corner (Figure 3).

  2. After clicking on the create button, the Pricing Rules form appears (Figure 4a, Figure 4b).

  3. Fill the required inputs and click on Save to create a new Pricing Rule.

    • Default Execution Note: This field gives the option to define a custom execution message that will be stored in the transaction history each time this script is executed.

    • The script page should be completed using the low-code Revenium Scripting Language (HSL). A reference guide for HSL is found here.

    • The editor on the 'Script' step has certain auto-completion options added to ease the entry of a script.

  4. After clicking on the Save button, the changes will be saved.

  5. Once saved, existing rules can be managed or deleted using the associated button in the actions column of the page.

Test a Pricing Rule Script

  1. To test a Pricing Rule Script, either choose an existing rule and click on its edit button or create a new rule (Figure 3).

  2. Navigate to the "Script" step of the form. Here there are two tabs, both of which contain a text editor.

  3. The Script step is where you will enter the script for the rule using the Revenium Scripting Language. This editor has certain auto-completion options to assist in writing the script.

  4. The Test Data step contains the JSON object that the script will be run against. Make any desired modifications to this data or leave it as default (Figure 4)

  5. Click on the "Test Rule" button. The script will then be run against the test data and you will receive either a "Success" response or an "Error" response just below the button (Figure 5).

Please contact the Revenium customer success team for any help required when building your own custom pricing rules.

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