Identity Providers

Identity providers allow you to automate credential creation for your products. These configs are used hand-in-hand with front-end storefronts to automate credential creation for your services.

Revenium can communicate with a variety of backend IDPs such as Amazon, Auth0, MuleSoft and Kong. This automates the process of providing credentials (generally an API key) to your services when one of your end users completes a transaction to purchase a subscription to your services.

Example Use Case

  • You configure an IDP in Revenium for Auth0.

  • You utilize Revenium's Drop-In-Storefront for Salesforce (or coming soon: Revenium's React storefront components) to expose a self-service eCommerce site where users can purchase access to your products.

  • The storefront is configured to use the IDP you created in step 1.

  • After customers have paid successfully for a Product License in the Storefront, Revenium will request a credential from Auth0, create a Product License (subscription) in Revenium, and share the credentials with the customer to access their new subscription.

If you require support for a different IDP, please let us know. Additional third-party IDPs can generally be added in < 1 week.

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