Export Configurations

Export configurations are most commonly used to export invoice information (CSV / JSON) from Revenium to an external filesystem for processing by an ERP system.

Access to Export Configurations

  1. Click on 'Export Configurations' in the navigation menu (Figure 1).

Create a new Export Configuration

  1. Click on the plus button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. After clicking on the create button, the Export Configuration create form appears (Figure 2a, Figure 2b).

  3. The fields available on the "Properties" step are determined by the Export Provider that was selected and help text is available with the app explaining how each field is used.

  4. Fill in the required inputs and click on Save to create a new Export Configuration.

  5. After clicking on the Save button, the changes will be saved.

View, Edit & Delete Configurations

Clicking on the eye, pencil, or trash can icons located in each row of the Export Configurations will allow you to view, edit, or delete existing Configurations respectively.

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