API Integration Keys

API integration keys allow external systems to interact with Revenium's platform via API.

Access to API Integration Keys

  1. Click on 'API Integration Keys' in the navigation menu (Figure 1).

Create a new API Integration Key

  1. Click on the API Key create button, the "plus" button located in the upper right corner of Figure 1.

  2. After clicking on the create button, the API Keys creation form appears (Figure 2).

  3. Select an owner & a name for the new API Key & then click on 'Save' to create the new API Integration Key.

  4. After clicking on the Save button, the changes will be saved.

Note that only one API key per account is supported. If you require an additional key for some reason, please contact the customer success team for assistance.

Delete an API Integration Key

  1. Click on the API Integration Key delete button located in each row of the grid.

  2. After clicking on the delete button, a confirmation message appears.

  3. Click on 'Yes, I'm sure' to delete the item.

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