Consumers Notifications

This section of the platform allows API Producers and administrators to communicate with the end users of their API Products.

Consumer Notifications Overview

Figure 1 below provides an overview of the custom notifications functionality. Using this page, API Producers and administrators can create targeted communications to their customers. This section is typically used to communicate activities such as maintenance windows or API deprecation notices.

Filtering the Notification Audience

The options for filtering the audience of your communication are seen in Figure 1. As you make selections in the filter boxes, the number of affected users will be updated to make it clear to how many subscribers your communication will be sent.

Once you have developed the appropriate filters, you can choose your subject line, email body, and insert any variables that are required into the message (i.e. {Product License Owner} to personalize the beginning of each message with the name of the owner of the license)

Once you have finalized the message and filters, click "Email Affected Users." You will receive a final confirmation message, after which the email and audience filters will be stored in the section in the bottom of the page as shown in Figure 1.

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