Alerts allow you to configure checks that will notify you in the event of unexpected performance or the unavailability of your services.

Note that each alert you create will trigger a maximum of 1x / hour to avoid overwhelming users with alert notifications for services that experience problems over long periods.

Revenium's alerting engine evaluates data sent via the connectors available on the Data Providers page. You can also send the metadata required for alert generation by sending API calls like those explained on this page.

The following alert types are available for configuration.

Latency (Backend or Gateway)

Latency alerts will monitor your traffic for latency that is higher than expected. You can configure separate alerts for latency from your backend (application) or from the gateway itself if you are using one of our gateway connectors.

Error Rate

Error rate alerts evaluate your traffic for an unexpected number of errors over a specified period.

No Traffic In Period

This type of alert informs you if a traffic meter that is expected to continually receive traffic stops receiving any traffic over a specified duration.

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