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The "New Users" report is a tool designed to help you quickly review the usage of users who signed up within specific date ranges.

The "New Users" report allows you to evaluate user adoption and usage patterns based on the date when users signed up. By specifying date ranges, you can assess how user behavior and adoption vary over time, providing insights into the effectiveness of changes in the user signup or onboarding process.

Understanding the Report

Once you've accessed the report, you'll find information related to new users and their usage within specific date ranges. Here's an overview of what you'll see:

  • Summary: The report is designed for quick reviews of usage by users who signed up between the specified dates.

  • Date Ranges: You can select the date range you're interested in, allowing you to analyze usage patterns over specific periods.

  • Data Points: The report displays data points that represent various metrics and data about user adoption.

By analyzing user adoption and usage patterns over different time periods, you can achieve the following:

  • Assess Impact: Identify how changes in the user signup or onboarding process affect user adoption and usage.

  • Optimize Strategies: Use the insights gained to optimize your user acquisition and onboarding strategies.

  • Evaluate Success: Measure the success of user adoption initiatives or campaigns by comparing usage data across date ranges.

  • Inform Decision-Making: Make informed decisions based on historical data trends to improve the user experience and drive growth.

By reviewing this report, you can make data-driven decisions to improve user adoption and usage and take meaningful actions.

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